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Dongtai painters were still making money one hour before the residual poison caused by benzene poisoning

zouyuanguo, a villager in Baofeng village, Touzao Town, Dongtai City, decided to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair because of the factory owner's sentence "more work, more pay". At the end of last month, the municipal labor dispute arbitration committee sent him the two-year arbitration result: the enterprise was ordered to compensate zouyuanguo more than 400000 yuan for benzene poisoning caused by paint work

however, after receiving the news, the Zou family not only did not have any comfort, but fell into more sadness. Zouyuanguo, why did it become like this? Recently, I visited the parties and relevant departments to try to find out the trace of bits and pieces, and bring warnings to similar groups

On the morning of July 5, on a cloudy day, in group 2 of Baofeng village, Touzao Town, zouyuanguo sat in a wheelchair in front of the house, and his wife Wan Guizhu kept massaging his paralyzed limbs. 72 year old mother Zhang Caiying has been unable to walk since a stroke ten years ago. That day, mother and son sat together, but they didn't talk about anything. Seeing it, the old man only muttered something unclear for a long time: "son, people are too honest..."

How can people be poisoned

a tragedy caused by "more work, more pay" the factory owner arranged and was forced to take two jobs

before being a painter in the factory, zouyuanguo had worked in Kaifeng, Hefei, Changzhou and other places in Henan Province for more than 10 years as a builder of mobile workshops. At that time, he was still very strong. He climbed up the 37 meter high steel frame of the plant and worked as usual. As he grew older, his wife was reluctant to let him go out and work hard, letting him find a job at home

On February 7, 2009, zouyuanguo found a job in a local machinery factory. Although the enterprise had just opened at that time, and the specific work was arranged by the enterprise, he only applied for three skill positions of shovel driver, welder and crane driver, and did not choose the position of painter. Because he heard that the factory recruited three groups of painters, all of whom ran away because they thought the smell was too serious to their bodies

I think so, but later he was arranged into the paint workshop by the factory leaders, and the specific work was to take the spare parts products to the paint pool and dye a layer of antirust paint. "The paint pool is made of steel plate, 2 meters square, and the workshop is only about 10 square meters. My companion Xia Guihong and I work in it." Zouyuanguo said that Xia Guihong was a temporary worker found in the factory. When he first entered the factory, he didn't know the workload there. When the factory owner proposed that they be responsible for painting and then contracted to be responsible for shipping goods, Xia Guihong actually agreed, "at first, I didn't agree. It's hard to do painting work, and I can't afford to do another job. Later, I had no choice but to agree. I want to finish the work in March and quit." Before poisoning, the workload of three days was reduced to two days

a job has been very tired, but zouyuanguo insisted on taking the second job in order to earn extra money. He said that painters have a fixed salary of 1800 yuan and get more for more work. In my impression, the highest salary is about twothousand yuan, and my companions can earn more than 30 yuan a day in radar and microwave stealth

however, the factory owner was uncomfortable with too much money. Later, he capped the "secondary salary assessment" to 60 yuan/day, and the wages for loading were calculated at 6 yuan/ton. However, zouyuanguo had to comfort himself with the words "more work, more pay" said by the deputy general manager of the factory, that is, he did not work according to the working hours and had to work longer. At first, it was OK. Later, the workload in three days was reduced to two days, which was unbearable. Zouyuanguo said that every day from dawn to dusk, the factory requires workers to eat in the canteen at noon and continue to work after eating. At first, it was voluntary. After the fifth batch of workers came, the factory forced them to work after eating. They couldn't go home at night if they didn't finish their work

zouyuanguo said that the factory normally goes to work at 7:30 a.m., eats at 11:30 a.m., and continues to work until 5:30 p.m. after half an hour. But one week before the poisoning, the working hours were suddenly changed to work at 7 a.m. every day until 7 p.m., plus the overtime loading work until about 9 p.m. With this pace of work, he couldn't finish the work of the day until he was unconscious

ask zouyuanguo, "how many parts and components are dyed every day?" He said that he and Xia Guihong were the only two people in the factory who were responsible for painting the parts and components. He and Xia Guihong were allowed to dye as much as they produced every day. The specific data had never been counted

one night's shock, "xylene" ruined a lifetime

nightmare, which occurred at more than 9 p.m. on March 23, 2009

his wife Wan Guizhu said: old Zou suddenly felt dizzy when he came home from work that night. Within five minutes, he fainted and kept twitching. Scared, she hurriedly called her neighbors to take him to Touzao health center with a tractor. "The doctor said he couldn't cure it, so I quickly asked 120 to send him to Dongtai first hospital for rescue. Later, I went to hospitals in Nanjing and Shanghai, and stayed in the hospital for 289 days." Wan Guizhu said

unexpectedly, on the morning of March 24, 2009, his companion xiaguihong also showed signs of poisoning, "at that time, he thought he had caught a cold. As a result, he was sent to the first people's Hospital of Dongtai City for an investigation and found that he was also poisoned by xylene."

"before leaving work on the night of March 23, the factory owner asked me, 'why did you leave work without finishing the work?' I said, I wanted to finish it, but I really couldn't bear it." Zouyuanguo said, "before that, because of the long working hours, my partner once proposed to the boss for a salary increase, but after being rejected, he resigned."

"Xia Guihong used to be a painter, and he understood it. So he asked the leader to install three exhaust fans in the car room at the beginning of his work. The factory director also agreed and said to install them the next day. But the next day, the factory director said to wait until the third day. Until we were poisoned successively, we didn't install them." Zouyuanguo said that there was no exhaust fan in the car room. There were five windows, three of which were close to the fence

now, Xia Guihong has recovered, but zouyuanguo was diagnosed as toxic encephalopathy caused by painting in a closed room for a long time by Dongtai people's hospital. 2 it is not easy to have end damage. On December 22, 2010, it was diagnosed as "occupational acute severe toxic encephalopathy" by Yancheng Center for Disease control and prevention On the same day, Yancheng labor ability appraisal committee identified it as level III disability

"now he has to take eight kinds of drugs three times a day. 2. Precautions for the operation of wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine, otherwise he will be delirious. More than 200000 yuan has been spent before and after. Experts in Shanghai said: cerebellar nerve damage can't be cured, so he should take drugs for life. Last year, in order to raise money for treatment, he sold his tractor at home." Wan Guizhu said that when old Zou came to work in the factory, he didn't sign a labor contract and the factory didn't pay Hardware for him. After the accident, the factory wanted to be private, but they refused

what are the warnings brought by this tragedy

Enterprises: reflect deeply and improve the working environment

the main agent of oily paint contains a large number of carcinogens such as benzene, toluene, xylene, heavy metals and so on. Benzene homologues are moderately dangerous substances, which can damage human hematopoietic function, cause blood diseases, cause cancer and induce leukemia

according to zouyuanguo, "at the beginning, the factory provided false evidence to the labor bureau that the ventilation facilities were good. If the ventilation was good, how could Lao Xia and I be poisoned successively?" If migrant workers don't understand these, don't the person in charge of the enterprise understand them? What on earth do they think

the morning before yesterday, Mr. Pan, the representative of the factory responsible for the compensation of zouyuanguo, was contacted. He said that zouyuanguo now needs to take medicine for life, and has a grade III disability, which is an occupational disease. After the accident, the leaders of the factory went to Nanjing hospital very responsibly and actively, and made every effort to invite experts to treat zouyuanguo, for which hundreds of thousands of Yuan had been spent. Next, they will actively do a good job in compensation

when asked if he had installed an exhaust fan, Mr. Pan said, "there are many reasons. The paint must contain xylene, and it's not called paint without xylene. Maybe he didn't have a good rest. He is still honest and diligent. He paints hundreds of experimental machines every day. He should use diesel engine parts according to the instructions. Afterwards, the factory immediately took measures, such as letting painters wear gas masks to work, and changing personnel for a period of time..."

workers: it's more important to live well than to earn money desperately

the paint contains xylene, which is harmful to human body. The enterprise knows it well, but it needs to think of "mending the sheep after the tragedy". It's really a long time ago. Why should it have been? What warnings can this poisoning bring to other similar groups and enterprises

Wang Baoyu, the arbitrator of Dongtai labor dispute arbitration commission who is responsible for the arbitration and compensation of zouyuanguo, believes that it reflects two major problems. First, the legal awareness of employers is weak, and they do not effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the state; Second, workers lack the necessary legal safety awareness and protective measures

"through investigation, we found that the paint workshop of zouyuanguo's enterprise was too small and had no ventilation facilities. Later, the employer was ordered to compensate zouyuanguo for more than 400000 yuan." Wang Baoyu said that this tragedy actually reminds employers that they should arrange reasonable and legal working hours in accordance with relevant national regulations in the future to protect the health of workers. At the same time, the labor department is also reminded to strengthen supervision and urge employers to improve safety measures

if other workers encounter similar situations in the future, how should they safeguard their legitimate rights and interests? Wang Baoyu said that if a worker has an accident at work, he must first pass the Yancheng CDC to identify whether it is an occupational disease. Then, go to the labor department to identify the industrial injury identification, and identify the disability level through the labor Identification Committee. If this step is completed, the unit will not admit it. Labor arbitration can be adopted, but it takes a long time, some even several years. Because in case any party disagrees with the conclusion of disability appraisal, it needs to go to the higher department to reapply for reexamination

however, Wang Baoyu believes that for workers, the best way to protect their rights and legitimate rights and interests is to resolutely refuse once they find that the practices of the unit affect their health and even threaten their lives. They should not give up their health for the so-called "more work, more pay". After all, living well is more important than trying to earn money

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