Recent trend analysis of some raw materials in the

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Recent trend analysis of some raw materials in Southwest China

the market trend of triphenyl benzene in Southwest China is relatively stable, and prices rise and fall slightly

the southwest pure benzene market rose steadily in this period. Due to the small export supply of major suppliers, the market's buying mentality was stimulated to a certain extent, and the traders shipped smoothly, so the quotation continued to rise. Due to the lack of purchase intention of buyers, traders are depressed, shipments are slow, and the price trend is weak. Xylene was under the pressure of manufacturers to reduce prices, coupled with sufficient supply in the market, the transaction was very flat, and the quoted price of traders fell slightly. In the future, at present, the crude oil market is volatile, and the market wait-and-see mood is heavy. The price of benzene and benzene will be different with the supply and demand situation. At present, the market trading volume of pure benzene in Southwest China remains at a low market quotation of 8150- and there is no internal material. However, composite insights in India predicts that A350 aircraft will become the main driving force for the significant growth of composite materials in the next few years, resulting in chemical changes of 8250 yuan/ton, toluene market quotation of yuan/ton, and xylene market quotation of yuan/ton

the market trend of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is stable, and the price rises slightly in stability.

recently, the market trend of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is stable, and the price rises slightly in stability. The trading atmosphere of vinyl acetate in Southwest China improved slightly in this period. In terms of supply, the production and operation of vinyl acetate units in this region are stable. Due to the good production of downstream polyvinyl alcohol, the spot volume of vinyl acetate is reduced correspondingly, while the manufacturer's sales are good, so the inventory is gradually reduced to a low level. At present, traders' inventory is not high, their mentality is very stable, and the support of purchase costs has promoted the price to rise slightly. Although the downstream demand for vinyl acetate is relatively stable, the upstream raw materials are relatively weak, resulting in difficulties in the middle of the vinyl acetate Market up and down, so the future market will remain consolidated. At present, the market price of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is 9750 ~ 9850 yuan/ton

the acetic acid Market in Southwest China ran smoothly and the price fluctuated slightly.

Southwest acetic acid continued to maintain the trend of box finishing in this period. At present, the production of YARACO plant is normal, the operating rate is high, the market supply is stable, and the manufacturer's quotation is stable. However, the downstream demand is limited, the buyer's intention to receive goods is not strong, and small batch transactions are dominated, resulting in slow shipments by traders, light trading atmosphere, and narrow market prices. In the future, as the raw material market remains strong and the general environment is relatively stable, the mentality of market participants is relatively stable, but the strong wait-and-see atmosphere makes the price lack of upward momentum, so the market will remain consolidated. At present, the market quotation of Southwest acetic acid is yuan/ton

the trend of formaldehyde Market in Southwest China is strong, and the regional price difference among regions has widened.

on the whole, there is no problem. Recently, the methanol price in Southwest China has decreased slightly, but the downstream market has not been significantly affected. Because the operating rate of formaldehyde industry is restricted by the shortage of raw materials, the manufacturers' shipments are basically normal, there is no pressure on market supply, and the prices in some regions have increased slightly. However, due to the high price and the weak purchase intention of downstream buyers, the market trading atmosphere is relatively weak and users are in a strong wait-and-see mood. In the future, as the climate turns cold, the downstream demand will gradually weaken, and the price trend will slowly weaken. However, with the support of costs, the market will continue to be strong in the near future. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1750 ~ 1950 yuan/ton

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