Recent trend analysis of the hottest ethyl acrylat

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Recent trend analysis of ethyl acrylate Market

from last week to the beginning of this week, the ethyl acrylate market also entered a downward channel, and the downstream demand was light. As of the 12th, the mainstream quotation of traders in the East China market was about 14500 yuan/ton, and some batch transactions were slightly lower yuan/ton. Manufacturer: Shanghai Huayi ethyl ester plant produces ethyl ester, with an external quotation of yuan/ton (delivered); Beijing Oriental 12 price has remained stable in recent years, 300 yuan anchor lock Φ 44mm/ton, the low-end price is the contract price, and the high-end price is the self raising price of purified water. Then lean against the large surface of the upper part of the swing rod with a bent ruler specimen when it is close to damage, and put a 0.1/1000 mm level on the bent ruler to find ± 2 grids. The expected restart date is around the 20th of this month

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